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Co-creation workshop

Participatory Resilience Hackathon

Intelligent traffic lights for optimal traffic flow


Gesundheitsdaten: Kommt die Regulierung schon zu spät?

Digital Religion(s) go public

Who Is Messing With Your Digital Twin? Body, Mind and Soul for Sale?

Selected publications

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Volume 76, 2017.

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Dirk Helbing, external pageWill Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?. Scientific American, 2017.

Media Responses

Controlling complex systems with artificial intelligence

Should we let algorithms make life-and-death decisions?

Death by Algorithm


"Ethisch sterben lassen - ein moralisches Dilemma"

Prof. Helbing: "Befreien wir uns endlich aus der Big Brother Welt!"

Behavioural Control or Digital Democracy? - A Digital Manifesto


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